Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hello Again.

So, I took some time off of the blog and from kickboxing for a variety of reasons. I went back last night, and let's just say they really stepped it up a notch in there!  After the stairs (some things don't change), John made us do this impossible yoga for 15 minutes. Our "rest" position was downward facing dog, meaning, we had no rest for 15 minutes. Maybe that's supposed to be a comfortable position, but as far as I'm concerned, downward dog can suck it. By the end my shoulders killed, and my hands kept slipping away from me on the mat. "Guys," John said, ever disappointed with his motley crew. "This is like the easiest class EVER."

Then we got partnered up. There's a lot more guys in the class now, and I got partnered with this Taekwondo god who kept kicking the focus mitts out of my hand no matter how hard I held onto them. I didn't think I was sore this morning, but apparently my left hand is still shaking. I realized this the hard way. As I went to sip my morning coffee, I couldn't grip the cup, and it slipped from my hands. Now I have coffee all over me.

But you know what? It's good to be back.

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